EVA-Silicon Composite Bar Tape

Product Description

BES is a composite bar tape made from two materials. With EVA offering excellent shock-absorbing padding underneath honeycomb-patterned silicon that gives perfect non-slip grippy hand contact for riders, BES distinguishes itself among the competition with benefits possible only with such a construction. In addition, this EVA-silicon composite is stronger and less stretchy than its EVA counterparts, making it easier to wrap firmly around a drop bar. BES measures 30 mm in width and 2.5 mm in thickness.

Features & Benefits

  • Composite of honeycomb-patterned silicon over EVA padding
  • Grippy and shock-absorbing
  • Eye-catching two-tone with honeycomb pattern


  • Material: EVA padding + Silicon skin
  • Dimensions: W30 x T2.5 x L2100 mm
  • Adhesive tape on back: yes
  • Accessories: 2 x end caps
  • Art. No.: BT10001


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