45 mm Brass Chamber Bike Bell, Aluminum Lever and Clamp

Product Description

With its brass chamber open at the bottom, BBL bike bell generates amazingly clear, crispy, and resonating sound when hit by its aluminum lever, which is connected to the chamber column through a spring and easy for the rider to hit. The hinged aluminum clamp makes it easier for the rider to mount the bell on a handlebar of standard diameter. In short, BBL not only looks fabulous but makes pleasant sound to signal for the rider.

Features & Benefits

  • Brass chamber open at bottom
  • Shining anodized gold finish on chamber
  • Aluminum lever
  • Clear resonating bell signal
  • Hinged aluminum clamp, easy mount on handlebar


  • Material:
    Chamber: brass
    Column/lever/clamp: aluminum
  • Finish: anodized gold (chamber outer surface)
  • Chamber diameter: 45 mm
  • Weight: 41 g
  • Art. No.: BL10001


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