Bottle Cage, Adjustable Front Frame In Radial & Circumferential Dir.

Product Description

The BVT is a versatile bottle cage with its front part adjustable in both circumferential and radial directions, allowing the rider to position it according to the hand used, right vs left, and the diameter of the bottle. With its front part properly positioned and fastened, the BVT works best in terms of smooth access/return as well as secure and stable holding of the bottle. The BVT comes with a 3mm hex wrench that can be used to fasten the adjusted position of its front part and unfasten it for readjustment. This handy tool snap-fits a groove at the lower right corner of the inner wall of the rear part of the BVT, making it securely stored and invisible when the bottle is held in place.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable in 2 dimensions, radial and circumferential
  • Smooth access and return bottle for riders regardless of which hand is used
  • Holds bottles with diameter ranging from 60 to 74 mm
  • Comes with a 3mm hex wrench stored in cage


  • Material: Aluminum (Front) / Nylon with Fiber (Rear)
  • Finish: Anodized Color (Front)
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 (for bottle dia of 67 mm) x 156 mm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Accessories: 3mm hex wrench and 2 fixing bolts
  • Art. No.: BC20002


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