Water Bottle Cages, Holders

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Bottle cages might not be as 'mission critical' as components such as saddles or pedals. Water, however, is vital for tough rides when the going gets tough. In short, cycling can be much less fun without a reliable bottle cage that makes access to water smooth and fast.

Entrac bottle cages are designed and made of plastic, aluminum, and carbon fibers with the best practices in the industry, aiming at holding a water bottle in place even in rough riding conditions without compromise made in smooth removal of the bottle from it or swiftly putting it back. Diversified materials and processes are applied so the bottle cage line-up made up of 7 types meets various needs.

Bike water bottle cage/holder adjustable in radial and circumferential directions, holds water bottle of diameter ranging from 60 to 74 mm. structured with plastic and aluminum, Entrac bottle cage

Adjustable Bottle Cage

Front part of the cage is adjustable in radial and circumferential .....

Bike water bottle cage holder made of plastic, gap on back stopper works as spring, streamlined minimalist lightweight design ideal for road bike and city bike riders, Entrac bottle cage

Plastic Bottle Cage

Cost-effective one-piece light weight streamlined plastic structure .....

Bike water bottle cage hoder made of plastic, wing-shaped closed arms and high back support, fits road bikes and mountain bikes, Entrac bottle cages

Plastic Bottle Cage

Closed plastic structure with wing-shaped arms, high support on back......

Bike water bottle cage holder, welding-free one-piece aluminum, low back, minimalist lightweight design ideal fit for road bikes and city bikes, Entrac bottle cage

Aluminum Bottle Cage

Cost-effective one-piece aluminum wire formed struture, welding-free......

Bike water bottle cage holder structured with plastic and aluminum, stylish industry standard design, fits road bikes, MTB mountain bikes, trekkeing bikes, touring bikes, all terrain bikes, Entrac bottle cage

Al-Plastic Bottle Cage

Classic aluminum wire structure with plastic back and bottle neck rest ......

Carbon bike water bottle cage holder, asymmetric with user-friendly gap on right for easy access and return of bottle, 3K carbon fiber with full Matt finish, Entrac bottle cage

Carbon Bottle Cage

Light & strong full 3K fiber with Matt finish, user-friendly right opening......

Bike water bottle cage holder, welding-free one-piece aluminum structure formed from multiple stamping processes, anodized black with sandblast finish, Entrac bottle cage

Al Plate Bottle Cage

One-piece aluminum plate structure, lower arm on right for easier bottle access and return ......