VERDGE - Stealth Look Ergonomic Lock-on Rubber Grip

Product Description

VERDGE is an ergonomic lock-on bike grip that is born out of the Entrac GES, also known as RIDGE. While the contour formed from putting triangles and quadrilaterals together emanate a hi-tech stealth look, the material, thermoplastic elastomer rubber or TPR, is optimized in elasticity to provide an excellent shock-absorbing as well as vibration-damping property to minimize hand hurt and fatigue and ensure comfort during long rugged rides. In addition, the fine moulded texture gives non-slip traction and helps handling and control of the bike. In regard to installation, the hard PP base, whose diameter matches that of a standard handlebar, together with the precise CNC-machined lock ring at the outer end make it a cinch to mount VERDGE on a bike. Adding to the appealing look is the two-tone TPR, which is made possible with a sophisticated dual plastic injection process.

Features & Benefits

  • Stealth look
  • Made from durable recyclable thermoplastic elastomer / TPR, two-tone design
  • Ergonomic hand fit
  • Optimized rubber elasticity effectively absorts shocks and damps vibrations
  • CNC-machined aluminum lock ring with anodization finish
  • Easy user-friendly installation


  • Material: TPR on PP tube, aluminum lock ring
  • Dimensions: 135 / 135 mm
  • Weight: 162 g/pair
  • Art. No.: GP10003


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