Heavy Bike Aluminum Side Kickstand

Product Description

The Entrac KCT side kickstand is structured from a strong solid die-cast aluminum and supports heavy bikes, 29” bikes, or trekking bikes with a load the rider cycles with for a long ride. The stylish streamlined structure together with the hidden spring sets itself apart from its peer. The plastic boot has a tool-free stopper that engages with one of the teeth on the back and makes length adjustment as easy as it can be. The boot is so streamlined at the bottom as to not only match the body and but have a stable bike parking position(angle).

Features & Benefits

  • Strong die-cast aluminum structure
  • Parking support for heavy bikes
  • Tool-free length adjustment (Stopper)
  • Clean with hidden spring
  • Black ED paint


  • Material
    Die-cast aluminum ADC-10 body
    PA6 with reinforced glass fiber neck and boot
  • Finish: Black ED (body)
  • Length: 32 cm ~ 39.5 cm
  • Weight: 328 g
  • Art. No.: KS10002


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