Aluminum Side Kickstands

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Kickstands may be handy for riders who enjoy long or causal rides because a kick by foot is all that is needed to park a bike for hands-free breaks. Another kick after break sets the rider on the go for the rest of the ride. Kickstands are too essential a part for trekking and tour bikes to be neglected.

Entrac side kickstands feature adjustable length and hidden spring, and are made with different processes so they best fit and support various bikes. The forged kickstand is heavy-duty to go with e-bikes and big heavy bikes. The die-cast aluminum kickstand is strong and matches trekking bikes with a load. The slim and light kickstand is ideal for road bike riders who are concerned about weight. Lastly, there is one with stylish and easy length adjustment that goes with trekking bikes and MTBs.

Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum bike side kickstand for heavy trekking bikes and MTB mountain bikes, adjsutble length and hidden spring, black ED finish, Entrac side kickstand

Die-cast Aluminum Kickstand

Stylish Clean Structure with Hidden Spring for Fit with Heady MTB,Trekking Bikes .....

Slim lightweight CNC-mahcined side kickstand for road bike, adjustable length and hidden spring, Entrac side kickstand

CNC-machined Road Bike Kickstand

Slim Chic Design with Hidden Spring Ideally Best Fits Road and Race Bikes ......

Strong forged aluminum side kickstand for pedelec e-bikes & heavy bikes, adjustable length and hidden spring, Entrac side kickstand

Forged Aluminum E-bike Kickstand

Strong Forged Structure with Hidden Spring Supports E-Bikes and Big Heavvy Bikes ......

Aluminum sike kickstand for mount on chain stay rear, with an extended branch to seatstay for trekking bikes, Entrac side kickstand

Aluminum Kickstand

Extra Extended Branch that Fits Seatstay Offers Best Parking Stability for Bikes with a Load ......