Bike Folding Lock with Finnish Key

Product Description

The Entrac LFB bike folding lock features 6 connected folding elements of hardened steel plate coated with a layer of plastic and TPR composite. When unfolded to form a strong hexagon and its loose end locked into the head they encompass a circle of as big as 16.5 centimeter in diameter and can lock a bike to something strong and fixed to the ground. The head of the LFB is composed of a steel tube embedded in a strong plastic housing and the key cylinder is protected with a slide dust cover. When folded the LFB snap-fits its sophisticated rotatable bracket, which can be mounted on a bike lower tube where a bottle cage is usually mounted.

Features & Benefits

  • 6 connected hardened steel plates as folding elements
  • Folding plates coated with composite for protection of bike paint and finish
  • Head of steel tube encased in strong plastic casing
  • Compact and convenient to put away when folded
  • Slide dust cover protects key cylinder
  • Rotatable bracket for mount on bike lower tube


  • Lock type: steel plates folding lock with Finnish key
  • Material
    folding plate: Zinc-plated SS400 with PP+TPR composite coating
    Head: PA6 encasing Zinc-plated steel tube
    Bracket: glass fiber reinforced PA6
  • Dimensions
    65.5 x 166 x 40.3 mm (without bracket)
    73 x 170 x 50.5 mm (with bracket)
  • Weight: 823 g (without bracket) / 950 (with bracket)
  • Accessories: Bracket, hex Key, 2 bolts
  • Art. No.: LC10004


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