Bike Locks

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Bike locks are an essential piece of security gear some riders can't ride without because bike thieves look for bikes without locks as first targets. Those who ride high-valued bikes are particularly concerned about protection of their bikes against serious thieves. Bikes without locks can come in handy for those who are in urgent need of convenient transportation. In such cases a lock can save trouble for the owner.

Entrac bike locks give authentic anti-theft security as well as strong and stylish looks that preempt thieves from taking action. They include a resettable 4-digit combination cable lock with an ABS head, a steel U bike lock with a head composed of a steel tube embedded in plastic casing, and a folding lock with hardened steel folding elements and a head of plastic casing embedding a metal tube.

Bike folding lock with key with bracket for mount on lower tube, Entrac bike lock

Folding Bike Lock

Six Coated Plates together with Head Unfold to a Secure Lock, Stored in Bracket that can Mount on Lower Tube.....

Resettable 4-digit combination cable lock, Entrac bike lock

Resettable 4-digit Combination Lock

Cable formed from Braided Steel Wires Covered with PVC Sleeve, Strong lightweight ABS Head .......

Bike U D shackle lock with key, Entrac bike lock

U Shackle Lock

U-shaped Steel Bar Wearing PVC Sleeve, Protecting Bike Finish while Guarding against Theft......