Aluminum Bike Hand Pump, 120 psi, Shrader/Presta Switch

Product Description

PSH, neat and sleek with CNC-machined barrel and handle, has a valve adapter switch for Presta and Schrader. A flexible hose can be extracted from inside the pump body, making fitting of one of the valve adapters onto a tube valve easier and pumping more smooth. When inflating a tube is done, the hose can be retracted back inside the body and the head snap-fits into the top of the handle. Lastly, the air outlet is protected with a dust cap.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Presta / Schrader adapter switch
  • CNC-machined handle and barrel
  • Flexible hose Stored in pump body
  • Head snap-fits into top of handle
  • Air outlet protected with dust cap


  • Capacity: 120 PSI
  • Material: Aluminum handle & barrel
  • Valve adapters: Presta / Schrader
  • Dimensions: Ø24 x L211 mm
  • Weight: 108 g
  • Accessories: bracket and 2 fixing bolts
  • Art. No.: HP10002


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