Sharp Anti-Glare Blast-Resistant Flat & Drop Bar End Bike Mirror

Product Description

Equipped with a high definition lens that is both anti-glare and blast-resistant, the compact and light MAB bike handlebar end rear view mirror reflects a clear and shape rear view, not only eliminating eye discomfort but also providing an enhanced image for the rider to see clearly what’s coming from behind. The fact that the MAB is compact does not mean it scarifies functionality in any way. Quite the contrary, the way its plug is designed makes it very easy to mount the MAB on a flat or drop handlebar end. Angle adjustment is 2-dimentional 360 degrees and 180 degrees, creating any possible preferred angular position regardless of riding styles. Two types of lens are available. The silver lens helps eliminate glare in normal environments and the blue lens in bright environments.

Features & Benefits

  • High definition view
  • Anti-glare shatter-proof lens
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Frame and support made of strong Nylon with reinforcing fiber
  • Flexible angle adjustment
  • Alloy and stainless steel bolts
  • Easy mount on flat or drop handlebars


  • Material
    Mirror lens: High definition, anti-glare, and shatter-proof glass
    Mirror frame: Nylon with glass fiber
    Screw: Stainless steel and super alloy
  • Lens Diameter: 62 mm
  • Flts handlebar diameter 16-22 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Art. No.:MR20002


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