Bike Mirror with Plug to Flat and Drop Handlebars

Product Description

MSB is a bar end bike mirror with an unbreakable stainless steel lens and a plug that fits a drop and flat handlebar end. Lightweight and compact, MSB is ideal for bikes with a short handlebar and saves space for other bike accessories that are most frequently mounted handlebars. When installed on a bar end of a drop-bar road bike, MSB provides a preferable view angle. A ball joint makes it very flexible for the rider to adjust view angle to have a clear view of traffic coming from behind.

Features & Benefits

  • Glass-free unbreakable stainless steel lens
  • Frame and support made of strong engineering plastic
  • Ball joint for adjustment for 3D angular position
  • Fits both drop bars and flat bars, saving handlebar space for other cycling accessories


  • Material
    Mirror lens: stainless steel
    Mirror frame: Nylon with fiber
    Screw: stainless steel
  • Flts handlebar inner diameter of 17 ~ 22 mm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Art. No.: MR20001


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