Distributors and Agents Wanted

Exploring Oppportunities of Business Development with Us

Definitely we can work together one way or the other

Corwell has been working with partnering importers outside Taiwan on bike parts and accessories since 2011. Committed to servicing our clients to their full satisfaction, we spare no effort doing what we can to resolve any possible issue that gets in the way of lasting partnerships. As a result, our relations with the clients exceed far beyond selling and buying. We aim to to aggressively explore every possibility of building new partnerships in any forms of dealing. We honestly believe that a business tie based on mutual trust will last, be in the best interest of the two parties involved, and create a win-win scenario.

Entrac products are designed and made in Taiwan, the manufacturing and supply hub of world-class bikes, bike parts, and bike accessories. We pride ourselves in presenting best-of-breed yet reasonably-priced products that are meant to be distributed in the cycling world where design as well as quality matter the most.

Importers, Distributors, IBDs

If you are an importer or regional wholesaler and are interested in carrying our branded products, we will do the best we can to build a relationship from which both will benefit. If you are an independent bicycle dealer(IBD) or are the owner of a local bike shop with an on-line store and/or a brick-and-mortar storefront, it's likely you are one of which we are looking for to work with. If you are a seller on a B2C marketplace such as Amazon, you are very welcome to contact us about our experiences. Give us a chance and we will be committed to offering the best experiences you have with suppliers.

Sourcing & Consolidation,and Product Development

Bike designs have become ever more divergent to meet increasing cycling needs. As a result, bike parts and accessories are always one less option for bike designers and consumers alike. We fully understand what we offer is very limited and would do what we can to create more possibilities, choices, and options. So if you feel Entrac products are good designs but do not meet your requirements, we would be more than happy to hear what you have to say about what you are looking for and work with you to come up with a solution that best meets your needs. As a way of helping you remember what we are, think of Entrac as a trustworthy partner on supply, sourcing, product development, shipment consolidation of bike parts and accessories.